Dear hackers or accidental wannabes ...

Simple question - why the fuck?!

  • Are you just bored?
  • Are you really just so bad person who wants to make other people’s lives harder?
  • Are you some sellout for companies that use fools like for their own advantages?

Maybe it's time to reconsider You goals?


But there is always hope for better world and do not make it worse …

If you have all those skills, do not use them for making other people miserable, to waste their resources on shitheads, who are bored, bad or sellouts.

Use you knowledge and skills to make this green-blue ball in space a better place to everyone.

  1. Help instead of bullying!
  2. Create instead of destroying!
  3. Be good instead of being an ass no one really cares about …
  4. Be a human!

It's not late! Even for You ...

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